SND Awards

  • 14.02.2012
  • Design

The Society for News Design (SND) is an international organization for news media professionals and visual communicators—specifically those who create print/web/mobile publications and products. Our members art direct, design, edit, report, illustrate, make photos and video, visualize data—and write code.

The organization announced its top 5 newspaper designs and Canada is well represented with 2 winners from Toronto: the National Post and the Grid. The three other winners also displayed strong typography coupled with memorable type/image interplay.

Excelsior, Mexíco City, Mexíco
Cir. 75,000 – 174-999 (Daily)

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Cir. 175,000 & over (Non-Daily)

Politiken, Copenhagen, Denmark
Cir. 75,000 – 174-999 (Daily)

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